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Working from Home /
Hybrid Working

Employers are responsible for their employees' health, safety and wellbeing – both when they are in the workplace and when they work remotely (including working from home).

A.C.T. provides competent safety advice that helps employers meet their legal duties.

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What are the Employers Duties

In the UK, employers have various legal duties to manage the health and safety risks of their employees working from home, these are:

1. Assessing the risks: Employers have to identify, assess and manage any potential risks to the health and safety of their employees who are working from home.

2. Equipment advice: Employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with adequate equipment, including home-offices with chairs and desks fit for purpose and relevant IT equipment.

3. Providing Training: Employers need to provide training to their employees on how to set up their home workspace correctly and how to work safely and ergonomically.


4. Supervision and Management: Employers are responsible for managing the employee’s workload, schedule and communication to ensure they are not overworked or underworked. They should ensure employees are able to disconnect from their work and that their hours are tracked accurately.

5. Regular review: Employers should check regularly that their employees' home workspaces are comfortable and ergonomically safe and that procedures and equipment are being utilised correctly.


By following these duties and ensuring that their home-working employees are adequately managed, employers can ensure their compliance with the law and to ensure the well-being of their employees. Additionally, employers can enhance productivity, improve the company culture, and ensure seamless business continuity.

Using Laptop at Home
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What Are Employees Responsible For

The following are some of the employee duties for hybrid working:

1. Maintain an ergonomic workspace


2. Follow company policies and procedures


3. Keep track of time


4. Report the issues


5. Maintain communication

By fulfilling these duties, employees can maintain their safety, health, and productivity while working hybrid schedules. It is essential to recognise that these hybrid working responsibilities are essential as they enable employees to preserve the trust of their employers, coworkers and clients alike, thereby promoting mutual respect, responsibility and a positive work environment.


ACT can help companies implement their operational hybrid, remote working plans with their employees to get the best results.


DSE At Home

Employers have legal responsibilities to provide Display Screen Equipment for their employees, including employees who work from home, to ensure they work safely and efficiently. 

The regulations state the following requirements:

1. Display screen equipment must be adjusted to suit the individual needs of each user. 

2. The screen must be positioned to ensure comfortable viewing, without glare or reflections that are likely to cause eye strain. 

3. The screen should be easy to read and in good condition. 

4. Users should have a suitable desk or table large enough to accommodate the screen and any paperwork, with sufficient leg space beneath. 

5. Chairs should be suitable, adequately-adjustable and provide support for the lower back.

6. Employees should take regular rest breaks and change working positions. 

Some equipment that may be required for home working include a suitable chair, a stable, adjustable desk or table, monitor stands, footrests, separate  keyboards/ mouse/ trackpad, and glare-reducing screen filters.

The employer or the company is legally responsible for providing Display Screen Equipment and assessing all home working setups to ensure they comply with the aforementioned regulations.


ACT can help to assess provide proper training and instructions for employees on how they can use the equipment safely and reduce the risk of injury.

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