Specific Risk Assessments

Below are a range of differing types of risk assessment that A.C.T. and our experienced safety consultants can support your organisation in developing, implementing and auditing for compliance.

    Most workplaces will utilise at least some hazardous substances.  Many of them may be relatively simple to assess whereas others may require specialist knowledge.  

  • Worplace Transport

    Where vehicles share space with pedestrians it is essential that a detailed risk assessment is carried out to ensure that the risk is reduced to an acceptable level.  

  • DSE

    We can offer an online solution through our DSE e-learning programme which incorporates a risk assessment. Alternatively we can assist with risk assessments and interpreting the results. 

  • Manual Handling

    Remains one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace and is yet a hazard that is often overlooked by employers.

  • First Aid Needs

    This is also an assessment that is often overlooked by employers.  Through this assessment we will assist you in determining the correct level of first aid cover for your organisation and activities.

  • Work at Height

    Requires careful planning and evaluation of the most appropriate method.  Let us assist in you in finding the safest method of getting work done and safeguarding your employees.

  • Lone Working

    Lone workers are especially vulnerable and employers are required to assess the risk to them.  We can assist in helping you to identify practical solutions to complex lone working problems.

  • Noise

    Our qualified consultants can measure noise exposure in the workplace, and make recommendations to reduce exposure to an acceptable level.


    Often complex and require a high degree of competency.  We have therefore teamed up with a specialist provider of these services to assist our clients in safeguarding their personnel from machinery hazards. 


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