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Health & Safety Consultancy


We are at the forefront of delivering pragmatic solutions to the challenges facing our clients.  Whether you are an SME seeking support through our Compliance Companion programme or a multi national organisation looking to develop management systems certificated to ISO 45001, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

We can also provide individual compliance services to suit your requirements. Our most popular service is supporting clients in the completion of risk assessments or completing them on behalf of clients. 

We go beyond simple compliance and also provide a range of services designed to assist clients in achieving continual improvement in their health & safety management systems and performance.  This can be through traditional means such as workplace inspections and auditing, achieved through our safety culture development programmes.


We also offer a complete range of training programmes and e-learning packages.  Please visit our training page for further details. 

Compliance Services

If you have a business that has 5 people or more working for you there is a legal requirement to provide the business with a health and safety policy.

Our team can help you develop and implement a comprehensive and robust health and safety management system. As part of this we also develop procedures to enable compliance with many aspects of occupational health and safety including:

  • Creating safety procedures

  • Accident investigation

  • Behavioural management

  • Site surveys and inspections

  • Consulting with employees

  • Setting annual safety objectives

Our consultants work with you to create bespoke plans, policies and procedures that fit your requirements and then work with you to help implement them using a versatile and pragmatic approach to every day situations.

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Risk Assessments

All employers are required to undertake risk assessments for their work activities.  In some cases these can be relatively simple and others can be much more complex requiring specialist knowledge.  In all cases however they need to be completed diligently to ensure that the client’s legal obligations are met. 


Using a methodical approach to risk assessment, we can offer support and assistance, working with the client to produce suitable and sufficient risk assessment to cover their activities and undertakings. 

Carrying out a General Workplace Risk Assessment in non complex environments is often sufficient to meet your statutory duties. In more complex environments or where specialist activities are undertaken, more detailed assessments would be required.


Our consultants and a small network of specialist associates bring a breadth of sector specific experience and competency to support you with your assessment needs. 


Continual Improvement

Continual improvement is a key fundamental of any health and safety management plans, whether accredited or not accredited to national or international standards. 

Our consultants are ISO 45001 auditors and utilising this strategy and principles of auditing help you to identify the business safety culture and safety climate as well as reporting on health and safety compliance.

Using the PDCA strategy as outlined by the HSE, we are able to provide businesses with key information about planning, implementation, KPI's and reactive indicators in order to continually improve safety and learn valuable lessons from daily activities.

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Technical Services

Our consultants are qualified and experienced in undertaking noise assessments whether for machinery, environmental or in the workplace. Using Cassella Integrated noise level meters and DBadge Pro 2 personal dosimeters we are able to provide a comprehensive report detailing minute by minute exposure in written and graphic form to give you a clear understanding of how your controls are working.

Other assessments and reports that we undertake include:

  • Light level surveys

  • Vibration exposure assessment

Compliance Companion

Our compliance companion service comes with the personal touch and can be as hands on as you require it. A consultant will be assigned to your business to support you through health and safety management. Services include:

  • On site support

  • Remote support with documentation

  • Act as the business competent advice in accordance with requirements of regulations

  • Assist with completion of risk assessments

  • Attend safety meetings

  • Help with employee consultation.

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