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Event Safety

Behind every great event, there should be a high quality, professional safety team. At A.C.T. we have a specialist event and leisure safety department that delivers practical safety solutions to events across the world. We combine our global experience to reduce costs, enhance the service delivery, and therefore assist our clients to deliver the safest event possible.


Event Safety Management

A.C.T. provides support, advice and knowledge, enabling our clients to get on with their core tasks, confident that we will develop a complete safe system of work, that dovetails into the overall event management plan.


We communicate and liaise with our clients and other stakeholders (emergency services, local authorities, etc.) to ensure safe plans are delivered at a strategic and operational level, to everyone’s satisfaction.


Part of our unique innovative approach includes the use of satellite technology as an aid to running pre-event table top exercises with third party stakeholders.

Our Experience

The events we have worked on are wide, varied and span the globe.  From the local village fete, to the most prestigious shows, festivals, sporting events and concerts.  A selection includes:

  • Tour de Yorkshire

  • Lambeth Country Show

  • BHF London to Brighton

  • VJ Day

  • D-Day 75 Portsmouth

  • Great Yorkshire Show

  • UCI World Road Championships 2019

  • Burghley Horse Trials

  • NFL London Series

  • York Racecourse

  • Blenheim Triathlon

  • Royal Windsor Horse Show

  • Etape Caledonia

  • Royal Parks Half Marathon

  • Run For All Series

  • Battersea Fireworks

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Event & Venue Services

Services are varied, according to the size, scale and complexity of the event and include:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Safety Plans

  • Capacity & Evacuation Methodology and Calculations

  • Safe Site Design

  • Traffic Management Design Plan & Operation

  • Contractor Due Diligence Checks

  • Emergency & Resilience Planning

  • Crowd Management Planning

  • Accident & Incident Investigation

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Safety Training

  • Table Top Exercises

Crowd Management

Although crowd management is only one aspect of event safety planning, public safety can be evaluated at Macroscopic or Microscopic level both empirically and scientifically to a level that other elements of delivery cannot.


With that in mind it is somewhat surprising that crowd safety concerns are not given the same level of priority as other key fundamentals such as security.

A.C.T. can assist organisers with vital planning tasks including:

  • Risk assessments of the design, information and management of an event

  • RAMP analysis

  • Congestion planning

  • Capacity calculations

  • Calculating densities, flow rates, and fill times

  • Route planning

  • Emergency egress planning

Using crowd modelling A.C.T. can provide fill prediction analysis which can be visually presented. Having this tool in the control room in real time would be of great use in large events, particularly where there are multiple transport hubs and ingress / egress routes.

A Cloud of Color
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Exhibitions, Conferencing & Arena Safety

Our team have a long history and pedigree of working with major exhibitions, conference centres and arenas. When planning or organising events there are key fundamentals that you need to consider to ensure your safety and others around you.

A robust risk assessment that is suitable and sufficient must form the backbone of your safety arrangements. We can help you with considerations such as:

  • Equipment

  • Build materials for stands

  • Fire safety

  • Electrical safety

  • Prohibited goods

  • Stability of temporary structures and space only stands

  • Crowd and queue management

  • Manual Handling

  • Lighting

  • Pyro and special effects safety

  • Event construction & CDM

And so much more, A.C.T. can support you with compliance, completing venue documentation, liaising with venue staff and creating event safety and emergency plans.

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